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Dekhi movie bade shaan se

There comes a time in the life of every blogger when has got nothing much to write about but he keeps writing to maintain the continuous flow of posts. (Precisely that’s what I am doing right now). But the same applies to directors too. Directors of the caliber of Ashutosh Gowarikar have started making movies just for the heck of it or so it seems. ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’ is what I am talking about.

Personally, this would be my first movie post where I am putting down a movie rather than saying nice things about it. My personal logic for writing a movie review is that if some viewers have planned not to watch a movie, you should give them ‘n’ number of reasons to go watch the movie. Thus technically, they are not movie reviews but a very BIASED way of showing the positive aspects of the movie to its viewers.  So as I said earlier, I have nothing else to write and of course after seeing such a movie I need a punching bag to relieve my frustration.

There are some things I personally hate about Ashutosh Gowarikar movies :-

1)      First of all he is an out and out commercial movie maker who tries his hand at you know what – period films and realistic films. His first two movies Pehla Nasha and Baazi were really nice pop corn entertainers.

2)    His movies are a bit (really , ‘a bit?’ )too looooooooooooooong. What’s the point in making a documentary 210 minutes long.  Swades. The movie had a 2 sentence long story line and its is fit for being a documentary about a village. The movie could have been finished well under 120 minutes flat. This kind of length warrants umpteen number of visits to the pop corn counter and the loo. (Believe me, I like the look on the face of my fellow movie goers, who are perpetually being disturbed by my going  in and out. Wretched souls – curse me for not letting them watch a split second of the emotional drama or a very boring song, which is just 1 /12600th of the film.

3)      His movies do not lack content, I agree but they lack something very basic to hindi film making. You are right – Item numbers. How can one imagine sitting through a movie, that too more than 3 hours long without a single item number. With all Munnis and Sheilas around how can he even imagine that people will sit through his film without a single item number. Here I must point out that his reasonably successful films – Lagaan and Swades had Item numbers. (What do you think Makrad Deshpande was doing in Swades? Lagaan had at least Radha if not Munni or Sheila)

Then you might all ask, why the hell do I go to watch his films? (Ok, I must admit, I have not had the courage to watch What’s your Rashee?)

1)      I sincerely expect after watching Baazi and Pehla Nasha that he would ultimately make a good masala blockbuster.

2)      Most of my friends are a big fan of his.

3)      Me and my above mentioned friends ultimately enjoy the movie for a different reason. After the first half an hour or so, we all mock the film much to the agony of fellow film viewers. We crack stupid jokes. Laugh at seemingly serious (but believe me, stupidly hilarious) dialogues and have a gala time. A full PAISA VASOOL of 3 and a half hours.

Now, let’s get back to the current movie – KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SE.  The movie is based on the CHITTAGONG UPRISING that happened in 1930. The story is pretty much true to the facts. But the execution has been very poor.

1)      First of all, the revolutionaries have been shown really underprepared and amateurish in spite of mentioning the word PLANNING a zillion times. Though I agree the story is true, while making the movie, one could have easily done away with some of those scenes. The revolutionaries could have been shown in a much better light. Usually such films exaggerate the bravery of the protagonists. But here it seems just the opposite. In the Jalalabad hills, the revolutionaries were surrounded by over thousand British troops. Over 80 of the troop were killed but only 12 of the revolutionaries were killed. But from the scenes depicted in the film, it looked just the opposite.

2)      The ensemble cast was pathetic to say the least. Many of them were trying very hard for an Oscar. Hamming was crossing all limits. After Raavan, I don’t have a very good opinion of AB junior. Deepika Padukone was never any kind of actress. And unfortunately a period film does not leave much scope for skimpy costumes and sexy song sequences which she is best at.

3)      Editing. Was the editor sleeping ? The gun fight sequences were so long sometimes that you could take a quick nap in between.

4)      The back ground score and background music by Sohail Sen and Simaab Sen were not at all impressive and did nothing to make the flow exciting.

5)      Last but not the least, the dialogues. Dialogues were pathetic. Many clichéd dialogues, Scores of ‘Vande Mataram’ here and there whereever the dialogue writer could not find anything else to write and some hilarious moments like – “Aap logon ko pata hai abhi aapko kya karna hai” when Abhishek Bacchan and a group of revolutionaries enter a room to loot some arms and ammunitions. The dialogue sequence between the judge and Abhishek Bacchan during his trial was going nowhere. Compare that with Legend of Bhagat Singh – The best dialogues of the film were during the court sequences. In fact Guddu Dhanoa’s Shaheed starring Bobby Deol was also not that bad when it came to dialogues.

I have said enough – after reading this I do not expect any of you to watch this movie. As a matter of fact, I doubt anyone was ever interested in the movie in the first place and thus I thank you wholeheartedly to reach the end of my post. Please don’t waste your hard earned money on a movie like this. But yeah, if anytime later you get a chance to watch this movie when it’s aired on the small screen – do have a watch. You will literally see yourself laughing through the film.

  1. vikash
    December 6, 2010 at 11:34 am

    good one!!

  2. Keshav Gupta
    December 8, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    Nice review, but seriously you rated Tashan a 10!!!!

    • December 8, 2010 at 12:28 pm

      Tashan had good potential till interval. Add to that few sympathy points bcos its rating is low 😛 , it deserves a 10

  3. January 30, 2011 at 2:38 am

    AB junior should stop taking himself so seriously and realize that he is no good at acting.

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