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The star behind Rockstar

How often have you seen a director repeat the same theme over and over again as if to prove a point?

Case in point is Imtiaz Ali of ‘Jab we Met’ fame who is always trying to explore the realm of ‘FAILED RELATIONSHIPS’ or rather ‘Looking for love somewhere and finding it somewhere else’ formula. He has been trying out different permutations and combinations though. Let’s have a look (Since all the stories are kind of love triangles, I will be talking in terms of the person who makes the choice and the choices/options) :-

Film Person Making Choice Option 1 Option 2 Goes For When realization dawns on Character 1 Drama Quotient Superb Performance Can’t act to save his/her life
Socha Na Tha Abhay DeolUpper Middle Class Aditi Malhotra Ayesha Takia Option 2Upper Middle Class Randomly Simple lives. Quite realistic. Lots of confusion towards the end
Jab We Met Kareena KapoorMiddle Class Tarun Arora Shahid Kapoor Option 2Business Tycoon After Option 1 ditches and Option 2 helps out Lots of missed trains and missed opportunities. Lots of confusion and mayhem Kareena and Shahid Tarun Arora
Love Aaj Kal Deepika PadukoneNRI Saif Ali Khan Rahul Khanna Option 1NRI Just after marriage with Option 2 Indecisiveness and confusion right from the word go Deepika Padukone
RockStar Nargis FakhriSuper Rich Moufid Aziz Ranbir Kapoor Option 2Celebrity Falling ill after marriage with Option 1 Lots of intense drama, pain, romance but No confusion. Great Combination 😛 Ranbir Kapoor Nargis Fakhri

Interestingly enough, almost always the main character goes for Option 2, Only just once did the girl go back to her old lover in Love Aaj Kal.

Let’s look at how Imtiaz Ali has grown over the years:-

1)      ‘Socha na Tha’ was like a breath of fresh air. The all new cast. A simple story. Simple day-to-day kind of conversations. Remnants of this style were still visible in Jab we Met. But the guy has lost that ‘SIMPLE’ touch over the years. His past two movies were typical Bollywood blockbusters with the usual boring dialogues and scenes.

2)      Another thing this guy does is he tries to infuse some surprise elements in the movie, both cast wise and script wise.

Jab we Met – Paired the off screen couple PLUS tried an ‘ON THE RUN’ romance. The title with both English and Hindi words was quite innovative in itself. (Used the same thing for Love Aaj Kal too)

Love Aaj Kal – Started off the movie with a BREAK UP and of casting a Brazilian model as a Punjabi and keeping it a secret was sort of one of the mother of all casting coups.

In Rockstar, you had a half Czech Half Pakistani American model play the lead heroine. On top of that, this time he had another dimension added to the typical love triangle by bringing death into the equation.

3)      Imtiaz Ali, the story teller has grown by leaps and bounds. While the first movie had a linear way of story telling, slowly in Jab We Met, we could easily see that TIME started playing an important role. Some time periods were skipped – there were fast forwards during which the audience is shown only one side of the story and has to keep guessing what could have happened to the other character. And ROCKSTAR’s screenplay took the cake. He successfully kept the audience on its feet by playing non-linearly in time. Not showing Heer (Nargis Fakhri)’s marriage sequence was a GEM in itself.

4)      Usually, an actor’s performance reflects the director’s true potential. Even casting to some extent. (Not to say that Mani Ratnam is not a good director simply because Abhishek Bacchan put up the most pitiable performance by an actor in Raavan). But all credit to Imtiaz Ali. I have never seen Shahid or Kareena act so well in any other movie other than Jab we Met.

Frankly speaking, when the Rockstar’s story first started doing the rounds, I never expected Ranbir to be able to handle a mature character like this. And here he is, sailing through the role  – easily blending into different shades of characters. His gradation from a happy-go-lucky middle class boy to a sad, morose celebrity was simply awesome.

But sadly enough, Imtiaz Ali couldn’t do much to Deepika’s acting and Nargis Fakhri was looking totally out of place specially when her co-star was acting so well.

5)      And finally music – Socha na Tha didn’t have many songs which were noteworthy, but Pritam did a fantastic job in bothe Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal. And for rockstar, the movie being based on music needed special treatment. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. A R Rahman has done a fantastic job as usual.

Well, all is fine if the end result is successful in keeping the audience entertained. And as long as the director is striving for continuous improvement, no harm in telling a SIMILAR story each time.  But, a person’s true quality can be judged by his performance in alien conditions. Ranbir has successfully come out of his ‘comfortable’ Romantic boy role. High time Imtiaz Ali also tries a new formula for his script.

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