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Ever wondered, why a person is compelled to speak out his mind? Even when he is in the minority or maybe the lone person in the whole planet who thinks that way while the rest of the world has an opposing view!!!!

It is akin to an atheist trying to speak out his doubts about the very existence of god when really there is no point of him trying to oppose those religious. He could simply continue non-believing or non-existence. Why over thousands of years, many well-to-do people have protested against the establishment – at times the religious establishment and at times the aristocracy or the monarchy. They could have easily gone about their daily chores and earned their daily bread and butter without bothering about the system?

Why do humans have a tendency to protest, to revolt, to question the authority that the society has over him?

Is it just for the sake of one’s selfish motives?

Or for the fear of being subdued by the society and being made to do what the society wants him to do?

Or is it just for a reality check – to see whether there are others who think like him or whether he is alone or maybe in fact just plain WRONG

Or in David McClelland’s words his ‘Need for Affiliation’ or ‘Need for Affection’?

Or just, just, just for the sake of speaking out one’s mind – To express oneself!!!!

Why do artistes put on stage performances – be it a dance show or a ‘musical nite’ for that matter?  – To entertain, to exercise his body/vocal chords, for the love of the art, or for the fact that he/she has been doing that since the time his/her parents have been encouraging.

Why does a non-fiction writer write a book and expect someone to read it, digest it, believe it and sometimes even question it?

Or why does even a fiction writer want to make you believe a story. The same goes with a movie maker.

Why does a player keep playing the game – in spite of knowing the fact that he holds all the possible record in the world? Or why does sometimes a player keep playing even when he knows that his peak was a thing of the past?

Why do we do what we do?

Is it because that is what you expect yourself to do? Or is it because that is what the society’s expectations are? Or is it to prove a point? Or it might be simply expressing yourself. Or is it to simply entertain – to let the world enjoy at your cost and you also have your moment under the sun, in the bargain.

Is it for all about the means or is it only about the ends or a bit of both?

Is it important to realize the significance of doing what you do – the implications of your deeds? Will it have an impact on the society, the humankind or going further the world and the universe? Is it something you wanted to do or is it something the society expects you to do or is it just plain Herd Mentality?

Think about it.

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